Bruno has studied in the field of addiction for 17+ years and has exceptional knowledge of all types of addictions. 
A 2 pack a day smoker for 30 years, he was addicted to the nicotine and the 4000+ chemicals in cigarettes. He purchased his first e-cig back in 2007, and it helped him stay off cigarettes for a while, but eventually, the little devices failed, and he went back to smoking. He tried vaping a few times over the next few years, always with some success, but buying juice off of Craigslist and the poor quality e-cigs always became too much hassle and he returned again to cigarettes.
After a trip to Surrey Memorial Hospital during Christmas of 2014 with chest pains, he was diagnosed with very high cholesterol. His doctor recommended medication and a diet change. So he decided to make some life changes and sourced out some high quality vape accessories and e-liquid. Success!!
Bruno's vision for Surrey Vapes, is to share his experience and knowledge so others can achieve the freedom and success he has found.