Arizer Solo 2 Portable Vaporizer

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How it Works

The user-interface on the Solo 2 is probably the biggest change between the original Arizer Solo and Solo 2. The 7 temperature lights have been replaced with a bright LED display.

Below the display is your navigation buttons with the center button marked with the “M” as your menu button. Here you can access a plethora of customization options.

Above and below the Menu button you will find the up and down arrow buttons which will allow you to increase and decrease temperature as well as change the settings in the menu.

To turn the Solo 2 on, press and hold the menu button and the up button. The screen will illuminate and a timer will start counting down (the default timer is 6 seconds), when the counter reaches 0, the device will beep (oh that familiar Solo beep!) and the display will greet you with a friendly “Hi” and a smiley face :-).

The next screen that is displayed is your temperature selection screen where you will see the actual temperature front and center in the large text and your set temperature in small text below the set temperature. 

Solo 2 Menu

As we mentioned, the Solo 2 gives you the ability to customize various settings through the menu. You can toggle through the available settings by pressing the center “Menu” button. The available settings are as follows:

Volume – Low/Medium/High/Off

Session Timer – 5 – 15 minutes (default setting is 10)

Temperature Measurement –Celsius and Fahrenheit

Screen brightness – Low/Medium/High

Start-Up Timer – 4, 6, and 8 seconds.

The menu of the Solo 2 is clean, easy to navigate and straightforward. To be honest, it is a really nice addition to this unit and something we would love to see incorporated with other vaporizers, it allows to take some control and have the unit behave how you would it too, not just how the manufacturer decides it should.