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Blue Double Chamber Ash Catcher

Product Information 

Showerhead to tree-perc ashcatcher? You got that right! This Dual Chamber Ash Catcher is designed to prevent ash from entering your water pipe while filtering and cooling the smoke before it even reaches your pipe. The second the smoke disperses into the ashcatcher, the distilling process begins with the 8-slit showerhead percolator.

When the smoke hits the second chamber, it disperses into the 7 tree-percolating stems made with 3 slits on each stem and an additional hole at the end for increased airflow. This gives the ash catcher a total of 28 filtering holes in just the second chamber alone. Designed with a 45° reinforced male insert as well as a female ground joint for your bowl piece.


45° Reinforced Male Insert
Dual Chamber
Female Ground Joint
Showerhead Percolator In Chamber One
7-Armed Tree Percolator In Chamber Two


Height: 4.25" Length: 5.0" Weight: 228 Grams


Individually Hand Crafted Art Piece.
Limited Quantity and Availability.

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