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Jaguar Dry Herb Vaporizer ( Black Mamba )

Product Information 

The Jaguar is a lightweight compact , entry level portable vaporizer for dried herbs. 

This unit features a ceramic bowl and glass air pathway (x2) for smooth and flavourful vapour.

Adjust between 5 preset heat levels by holding the power button for 1.5 seconds.

Magnetic mouthpiece and removable glass air pathway make for easy cleaning  with the included cleaning tools used with PURPLE POWER or ORANGE CHRONIC alcohol based cleaners.

Note: do not use this unit while charging this can damage the unit 

Full unit includes:

  • 1 Jaguar portable dried herbs vaporizer 
  • 2 removable glass air pathways 
  • 1 cleaning tweezers 
  • 1 cleaning tool / stir stick / dabber 
  • 1 cleaning brush 
  • 1 usb cable charger 
  • 1 usb wall adapter 



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