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How to Use: 

  • Power on/off: 5 speedy clicks to switch on/off battery. After turned on, LCD displays "KANGERTECH" at standby mode. 
  • Wire Resistance : Press fire button 3 times, choose your resistance wire, Ni200, Ti,SS,NiCr resistance wire, you can set your desired coil temperature to fit your taste. 
  • For power output mode, set your desired working wattage that best fits you. 
  • Orientation: Press(+) and (-) together to choose LCD display orientation. 
  • Press (+), (-) and fire button all together, this can lock the up and down button once you have best setting by pressing the entire buttons together. 
  • In case you change the coil or vape in other environment of presetting, you may need to calibrate the CUPTI atomizer as new coil:YES(+), NO(-) for best performance. 
  • IF no display calibration:
    • Screw down the CLOCC.. 
    • Press the fire button till LCD displays "Check Atomizer". 
    • Screw back the SUBDRIP and press fire button again. 


  • Short circuit protection, LCD flashes and displays "LOW RESISTANCE". 
  • Atomizer open circuit, LCD flashes and displays "CHECK ATOMIZER". 
  • Cell reverse protection, no power output when cell reversely installed.   
  • PCB over temperature protection, battery stops function and LCD displays "TEMP HIGH". 
  • 10 Seconds overtime usage protection, no power output and LCD displays "10s OVER". 
  • Cell capacity protection, when cell capacity is too low, and displays 
    "Check Battery".


  1. Do not charge the device outdoors or near water, 
  2. Do not use this device for anything other than vaping. 
  3. Dissemble the device will invalidate your warranty. 
  4. Do not swallow the e-liquid. 
  5. Do not look into the drip tip while vaping to prevent juice spit in eyes. 
  6. Do not use the device while driving. 
  7. Do not dispose battery to fire or use in extreme temperature. 
  8. Keep all components away from children and pets. 
  9. This device is designed for adults. It should not be used by children under the age of their local smoking or vaping laws. Women who are pregnant or those suffering from illness that could be worsened by the use of this product. 








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