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Kaoz- The Ultimate Builders' Kit

Builders rejoice because ISM has unleashed their Kaos Kit! This offers tools upon tools, anything from Hex keys to special wire cutters that help you get into those hard to reach areas. If you’re looking to get into rebuildables then this kit offers everything you’ll ever need and it also doubles as a carrying case. The Kaos kit will keep your tools organized, make building easier, and increase efficiency. Nobody likes searching the house for missing tools or wrapping coils by hand, pick up a Kaos Kit for the ultimate building experience!

 Kit Includes:

  • 1x - Pair of Needle nose pliers
  • 1x - Pair of Cutter pliers
  • 1x - Pair of Ceramic Tweezers
  • 1x - Pen Style Screwdriver kit
  • 1x - Pair of Stainless Steel Tweezers
  • 1x - Hex key kit
  • 1x - Container for cotton squares
  • 1x - Container for prebuilt coils
  • 1x - Angled Wire cutter
  • 1x - Ohm Meter
  • 1x - Pair of Stainless steel scissors
  • 1x - Spool of Kanthal Wire
  • 1x - Coiling Kit


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