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Moti PIIN Plus is an upgraded version of Moti PIIN disposable Vape. It is a premium disposable vape that delivers vapor performance, flavor, and convenience. There are some differences between Moti PIIN Plus and Moti PIIN in terms of size, liquid capacity, battery, etc. Moti PIIN Plus is made of high-quality durable materials, giving you a comfortable touch and feels with a non-slip surface. Moti PIIN Plus has a stout cylindrical shape, which provides a larger e-juice capacity, and adopts an ergonomic mouthpiece to be perfectly fit with your use. Moti Piin Plus holds 4mL of e-liquid and 670mAh battery which is more enduring than most disposable devices, even satisfying the most avid vaper all day. In addition, the MOTI Piin Plus achieves a satisfying taste through polymer cotton that absorbs e-juice to the greatest extent. Use Moti PIIN Plus to get the most authentic taste experience! Moti PIIN Plus launched two flavor series of iced flavors and regular flavors to meet different needs. 6 flavors for each series available.


• MTL disposable vape

• Refined design and ergonomic mouthpiece

• Premium touch and feel

• Longer lasting vaping enjoyment

• Goodness is felt on the top of your tongue

• Tailored flavors just for the unique you

• 6 flavors for each series(Ice/Normal Series) available