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Murdex Tank

Product Description
Introducing the innovative Murdex Halo-T RTA, a dual coil RTA tank which features the ability to switch between using either coil installed or run both together.  An amazing feature that will allow a user to test the differences between different coils separately or if both coils are the same, switch from dual coil to single coil for a different vaping experience or even to save on power / juice consumption.   The Murdex Halo-T is supplied in 3.5ml configuration and includes an extended chamber and parts to convert to a 5.5ml RTA!

3ml / 5ml


Coil Control

Airflow Control


It is very simple to handle with the Halo-T tank. Building two single coil A(Ohm)and B(ohm),so you can get three different coils control system, A, B, A+B by just revolving the Coils control Ring at the base of the tank. 

1 * Halo-T Tank

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