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How to Operate

  1. Turn On: Press the fire button 5 times quickly to turn on the device.
  2. Lock & Unlock: The lock feature prevents the SX mini Q class from firing. From the main interface or when the screen is off, press the fire button 3 times to lock and unlock the device.
  3. Access the main interface: When the device is on and unlocked, press the fire button once to access the main interface.
  4. Choose the Flash Memory: Always press fire button to access the main interface (note these instructions must be followed quickly).
    • When in the main interface, press the Up button to choose the flash memory from M1 to M5, under the customized taste setting MQ(S1-S5), there is no flash memory. So you basically cannot adjust from M1-M5 under MQ setting.
    • If you want to adjust the power or joules fro M1 TO M5, after selecting your memory setting (M1 TO M5), press the down button FIRST and then use the Up and Down buttons to adjust the wattage or joules.
    • If you want to choose a different power mode immediately after adjusting the wattage in your current memory setting, press the fire button once then press the down button to scroll through the power modes.
  5. Choose the Taste Modes: Press the fire button once to access the main interface. Press the Down button to choose the taste modes (POWERFUL+POWERFUL, STANDARD, SOFT, ECO MODE AND SXI –Q-S5).
  6. Enter the menu: Enter the menu by pressing the fire button 5 times Use the fire button to advance to each setting as shown in the diagrams. Each setting can be adjusted using either the gravity tilt or the up/down buttons. (Hold the device up, tilt right or left around 30 degrees, gravity sensor will start working).



  • When switching to Temperature function it is important the coil resistance is calibrated to the SX mini chipset. With the atomizer and SX mini at the same temperature press and hold the up/down buttons together. The SX mini will read the coil resistance and display it on the screen. When it turns off the Atomizer and SX mini are now matched to provide accurate temperature control. This step must be done whenever switching to temperature mode or when a new coil is installed in temperature mode.
  • Anti-dry burning technology. To prevent dry burning and over heating the coil & wick material, the unit will monitor for this condition ad display a warning of “Dry Coil, No liquid”.
  • It is prohibited to open the body of the device, otherwise the warranty is invalid.
  • Do not leave the device in the high temperatures or damp conditions, as this may damage the device.
  • Please make sure the surface of the batteries are complete and undamaged before using.
  • Suggest to use the same brand, the same battery model with same life time.

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