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Vaporesso Target Pro Kit

 Filling E-Juice 

  1. To refill the E-juice from the bottom part; 
  2. Remove the tank from the battery and turn the tank upside and down; 
  3. Unscrew the air control base, take it aside, fill the e-juice into the tank, make sure the e-juice level is below the middle stem and ensure no e-juice split into it; 
  4. Screw the air control base back to the tank.  

Changing the Atomizer 

  1. Remove the tank from the battery and turn the tank upside down; 
  2. Unscrew the air flow base and carefully set your tank aside; 
  3. Unscrew the atomizer unit counterclockwise. 
  4. Once dissembled, discard the used one. Screw the new atomizer unit clockwise into the air flow base; 
  5. Screw the air flow base back to the tank. 


  • When using a new atomizer, after filling E-juice, let the tank stand for 2 minutes, so the ceramic can be saturated with juice before firing;
  • Refill the tank before the tank becomes completely empty in order to avoid dry burning or damage to the atomizer. 


  1. Switch on/off: After the battery is installed, press the power button five speedy times to switch on the mod, "Vaporesso" will appear on the screen. 
  2. Screen Display: After switching the device on, OLED displays voltage, resistance value, battery level, temperature, output wattage; the display will shut off if unused for 15s, the screen will be relit by pressing the fire button; 
  3. Automatic Atomizer Recognition: The mod will read the coil's resistance as soon as the connection is detected. It will also recognize coil type (Nii200 or Kanthal) , when a kanthal coil is used, the mod will shift from TC wattage mode automatically. 
  4. To Vape: Long pressing the power button to vape, it will initiate 10s' counting down to limit maximum time for one puff; pressing longer than 10s will shut it down, "over 10 s" will be shown on the screen. 
  5. Adjust wattage: Press the "+" "-" to adjust the wattage at 0.1 increment, long-press will adjust at an accelerated rate. 
  6. To rotate the screen display: Fast click fire button 3 times. 
  7. To lock the diameters: Press the "+" steadily while pressing the power button simultaneously," SYSTEM LOCKED" appears on the screen. Repeat the motion to unlock. 
  8. Charging: Plug in the Micro USB cable to charge the battery level, OLED display current battery level (0%,20%,50%,80%, and 100%).  

Temperature Control 

  • Switch 2 modes: Press "+" "-" together to switch between wattage mode and temperature control mode. 
  • Adjust Temperature: At temperature control mode, press the "+"  " -" together to adjust the temperature at 10 (degree fahrenheit) or 5 (degree Fahrenheit), long-press will adjust at an accelerated rate.  
  • Lock/Unlock resistance: At temperature control, press the "-" and power button simultaneously for 2s will lock/unlock the resistance level, a lock symbol will appear on the display. Attaching a new atomizer will not change the locked resistance. 
  • Automatic atomizer recognition: To achieve better temperature control effect, the mod will ask the user if the new atomizer is attached. "OLD LOAD-, NEW LOAD+" will appear on the display. If new atomizer is attached, press "+", the mod will read new resistance; if not, press "-" , the mod will read at locked resistance. 


  1. Over- temperature protection (PCBA temperature less than 65 (Degree celsius)
  2. Low battery protection
  3. Short-circuit protection
  4. Low resistance protection ( Resistance >=0.13 OHM)
  5. Reverse connection of the battery power terminal
  6. Over-charge protection and over discharge protection( 2.9 v - 4.3 v)
  7. No atomizer detection protection.
  8. Over current protection


  1. The target 76 VTC is intended for usage by people over 18, NOT by non-smokers, children, pregnant or breastfeeding woman, people with or at risk of heart disease, or people taking medication for depression or asthma.  The automatic cigarette is not a smoking cessation device. 
  2. Please keep the unit out of reach of children or pets; 
  3. Please don't drop, throw or abuse your device, it may cause damage;
  4. Please keep the battery dry; 
  5. Do not place it in extreme temperatures. 
  6. Do not try to disassemble the battery. 



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