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Vaporesso Tarot 200VTC


  • Switch on/off: after a battery is installed, press the power button  speedy times to switch on the mod, "Vaporesso" will appear on the screen. 
  • Screen Display: after switch on, OLED displays last use a setting of voltage, resistance, battery level, temperature, output wattage; the display will shut off if unused for 1s, the screen will bee relit by pressing the fire button; after connected with the atomizer, resistance level will be detected automatically. 
  • To Vape: Long pressing the power button to vape, it will initiate 10 s' counting down to limit maximum time for one puff; pressing longer than 10s will shut it down, "10s time out" will be shown on the screen.
  • Adjust Wattage: Press the "+" or "-" to adjust the wattage at 0.1 increment, long-press will adjust at an  accelerated rate. 
  • To rotate the screen display, Press the "+" or "-"  simultaneously to  rotate the screen.
  • To lock the diameters: Press the "-" steadily while pressing the power button  simultaneously, "SYSTEM LOCKED" appears on the screen, the "+" and "-" keys are locked, repeat the motion to unlock. 
  • Screen Saver: after 20s the display will enter screen saver mode, press any key to recover. 
  • Resistance Range :  When the resistance of atomizer is lower than 0.13 ohm, "LOW ATOMIZER"  will appear on the screen; when the resistance of the atomizer is higher than  ohms, "HIGH ATOMIZER" will appear on the screen. 
  • No atomizer alert: When the device does not detect an  atomizer, the OLED screen will display " CHECK ATOMIZER". 
  • Short circuit alert: The screen will display "ATOMIZER SHORT" if the atomizer incur short circuit. 
  • Change battery: When the battery voltage is lower than 6.4 V, there will be no output, the screen displays "LOW BATTERY" : if the battery level is high temperature setting, the screen displays " LOW POWER" ; if the voltage is lower than 6V, the system is not going to be initiated, it requires changing batteries or charging. 


  1. Switch 4 modes: Pess alter key to switch among wattage, TC-Ni, TC-TI, and TC- SS316 modes. 
  2. Adjust temperature : At temperature control mode, press the "+" "-" to adjust the temperature at 10(Degree Fahrenheit) or 5 (Degree Fahrenheit), long press will adjust at an accelerated rate.
  3. Lock/ Unlock resistance: At TC mode, press the "+" and power button simultaneously for 2 s will lock/unlock the resistance level. "A lock symbol" will appear on the display. Attach a new atomizer will not change the locked resistance.

Tarot 200 VTC Mod Protection Functions:

  • Battery over- temperature protection 
  • Low voltage protection 
  • Short-circuit protection 
  • Low resistance Protection 
  • Over current protection 
  • Reverse connection of the battery power terminal. 


  1. The Tarot 200VTC is intended for usage by people over 18. NOT by non-smokers, children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with or at risk of heart disease, or people taking medication for depression for asthma. 
  2. Please keep this unit out of reach of children or pets;
  3. Please don't drop, throw or abuse your device, it may cause damage. 
  4. Please keep the battery dry; 
  5. Do not try to disassemble the battery. 
  6. This device does not mean to be used as a nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation. 


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