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Yocan Hive

Yocan Hive – Wax Pen & Cannabidiol  (CBD)  Pen

The Yocan Hive is tiny and exquisite in appearance. Although lightweight, Yocan Hive fits and feels perfect in the hand due to its rounded edge design. Reinforced with brushed stainless steel trimming at the top and bottom of the unit, Yocan Hive looks modern and functional all in a little powerful package.  The Replaceable atomizer connects the box mod smartly by built-in magnets, simply draw the atomizer out to separate two parts.  


Pax Pen & Cannabidiol  (CBD)  Pen

There are two atomizers in the package, one for wax and another for cannabidiol oil. The wax atomizer uses quartz coil which provides with the purest experience and guarantees a crystal clean essence. The CBD atomizer is a top filling unit with the No-leakage design, provides a premium method for vaporizing your favorite CBD oils. What’s more, you can easily watch the oil level through the window on Box mod. 

13450 Internal Battery

Powered by a single inner 13450 battery( internal battery) which automatically keeps in 12W output for a better vaping flavor. It’s also very convenient for users to watch the battery level, the click button will blink three different colors: white, blue and red. The white light means 20%~100% power left; the blue light means 5%~20% power left; the red light means less than 5% power and it needs charging.

3~4 hours would be in need for the full charge. Simply using the USB cable with wall charger(not included in the package) to charge the battery. When charging, the light in the battery is red, and when finished, the light turns off.

Package contents:

  • 1*CBD atomizer(with connector)
  • 1*Wax atomizer(with connector)
  • 1*Micro USB cable
  • 1*Box Mod
  • 1*Dab tool

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