Yocan Nero Heating Element

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What is Nero Technology ? 

Nero Technology is a newly patented technology that focuses on the heating element.  The majority of the heating element on the market today contains an alloy coil wrap around a wick or ceramic.  Nero Technology uses a super thin foil ( 5 nanometer) heating element that allows the currents to go through quickly, thus create an enormous amount of heat ( up to1300 F) in a very short amount of time (less than 1 second).


 1.No wick, no alloy. 

The heating element creates a very pure flavor.


2.Temperature control:

The temp can be controlled by size/wattage.This allows the maker to create the heating element with a very accurate temperature.It ranges from300Fto1300F.


3.Fast heating.

This allows a small battery as ego 650 to do the job as DNA30.   


Product Introduction

Experience the purest essence of your oils with the 5-pack Nero wax atomizer replacement heating element as it heats up to 800 degrees without wicks or coils.

How It Works

We are always searching for state of the art vapor technology, and Nero technology takes wax atomizers to a new level. No coils, no silica, no wicks, no wires, just a thin metallic plate that heats up instantly with anti-spill features. Self-cleaning with a super long life, this heating element has very little to no maintenance at all.

Unlike standard wire-wick wax atomizer heating elements, The Nero utilizes a thin nickel-alloy plate that heats up to 800 degrees and at this temperature, vapes any essential oils or concentrates.